The two musicians Chris and Phil rockin’ through all musical eras – only with a cello and two guitars. Delicate themes are combined with brute riffs and epic film scores.

Mozart Heroes - Von Mozart bis AC/DC


When they are on stage, you’ll see a wild cello solo as well as gentle, lyrical moments and even Mozart would had lost his wig from a heavy headbanging. The band dare to define musical history anew, pushing the boundaries by using loop handle stations and effects. Watch now the video on the right hand side.


The paths of the two musicians crossed at the conservatory for classical music. Yet ten years had to pass before they could find a way to get together. In 2006, Chris and Phil formed the company SOUNDCATERING and composed epical scores for film and advertising. But they wanted to go back on stage: wild, without compromise, without conventions. The HEROES were born.

BIO - Phil Seeholzer und Chris Krebs


Since 2015 the MOZART HEROES are an insider’s tip for all of you, who want to venture way beyond the usual parameters of classical music, rock and film scores. The guitarist jumps up into the air, the horsehair of the bow gets torn – these sounds are heavy metal. The two whip each other into a frenzy, the instruments become one. Blazing passion meets classical instrumental art.

BIO - Mozart Heroes rocken auf der Bühne


Partner: Sevenfriday - Zürich


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Partner: Sevenfriday - Zürich


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