MOZART HEROES “PURE” (Ballads) Download



A while ago we had the crazy idea to create something extremely pure and from the bottom of our hearts. The idea of the Unplugged Record was born and challenged us in every way. Everything is 100% handmade, rough and pure. We faced this huge challenge to do something completely different. Something what most people can’t hear anymore today: real handmade music. Not flawless at all, not hiding behind a software to be better as we are. We spent an enormous amount of time to catch the essence of each track – including our own compositions. To create what you deserve: magnificence in music, love and handcrafted art. We hope you like it as much as we do.

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  1. Senorita
  2. Against All Odds
  3. My Life Is Going On
  4. Air (Suite No. 3 in D)
  5. Once Upon A Time In The West (Main Theme)
  6. Voyager
  7. Jesus To A Child
  8. Shape Of My Heart
  9. Shape Of You
  10. Despacito
  11. (Shape Of You) Hungarian Dance No. 5
  12. Der Weg
  13. Shallow
  14. Benedictus


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